Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rylee bug is "4" today!!

To my wonderful, smart, talented, beautiful Rylee bug! You amaze me each and every day. I can’t believe 4 years ago I gave birth to a black haired 7lb 7oz baby girl. Your chubby cheeks and big eyes stole my heart! You were a very easy going, laid back baby. Being the 1st girl you were wrapped around everyone’s finger and you still are. You somehow still get your way with everything! I love your beautiful smile, your so blonde hair and your bright blue eyes. I love the million questions, the way you rub your feet when your going to sleep, and your admiration of animals. I love that you love your daddy so mush and how much you love your baby sister. I can only hope you will continue these relationships all through life. I love how you teach your baby sister! You are a wonderful big sister. You are a wonderful daughter and I love you around the world and to eternity! I hope you have a great 4th birthday princess!!

Love Always,


Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Baylee girl!!

One year ago today I gave birth to a 7lb 3oz beautiful baby girl! She had dark hair and gorgeous big eyes. She stole my heart the moment she entered into this world. I am so blessed to be chosen as her mom.

To my beautiful Baylee Kalynn, you are so full of life, curiosity, determination and love! Your beautiful big eyes are a blue as the sky and your one toothed smile melts my heart.I am so proud to be your mom and watch you grow each and every day!!
I love when you rub your chubby little fingers through my hair as I rock you to sleep.
I love the smile on your face when I see you.
I love your little arms and hands in the air when I walk through the door.
I love your mischievous smile when you know you’re not supposed to be doing something.
I love your laugh when you and sissy are playing.
I love your little baby steps that you are taking.
I even love your screaming, hand banging, rolling around on the floor fits.
So here’s to you and the beautiful baby girl you are!!
I love you so mush and hope you have a wonderful 1st birthday!!!!

Love Always,

My big 1 year old!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


It's been far too long since I've posted anything, so here's an update! Life is STILL crazy and is just going to get CrAZiEr!! Baylee will be turning 1, yes already, on August 28th and Rylee will be turning 4 on September 15th! I am not quit sure where the time has gone! It is still wierd to think I have 2 girls but now to think I am going to have a 4 year old. WOW!! Baylee is still wild and crazy but her smile just melts my heart. She still has NO teeth but will eat ANYTHING!! She is happy and content crawling and could care less to walk. Ask anyone that knows me and they will agree that I have a monster on my hands! She is a curious, demanding, loud little girl. Rylee is just Rylee. She is the best of both worlds. She is my pretty little princess who loves to dress up and go shopping with me but will leave me in a heartbeat to be outside playing in the dirt, finding bugs or helping dad shoot his bow! She is a great big sister and loves to carry Baylee around! (could be why she doesn't want to walk) Rylee loves being with her cousins and her Gama and Papa! Josh is going to be a busy hunter this year. He has 3 deer hunts (1 in Utah, 1 in Arizona & 1 in New Mexico). It really doesn't leave much time for work but he stays pretty busy with that too! I also have an elk hunt and a deer hunt this year too! Woot woot!! I am still enjoying my job with Budweiser even though the early mornings just aren't much fun. My mom and I have joined a gym and are having alot of fun working out together. We are really enjoying Amy and Brandon being back up here and love hanging out with them! It's so nice to have great friends. Rylee loves playing with Kohan (her boyfriend) and it seems Baylee loves Paige too! We found Baylee stradling Paige while Paige was in her exersaucer and they were both just smiling away! Anyways.......I will try and be better about updating this more often but no promises!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We are still alive, barely!

HEcTiC, cRaZY, fUn, DrAMatIc, life has been nothing short of these!! It's been amazing, tiring, frustrating, and wonderful, sometimes all in the same day. Four o'clock mornings are kicking my butt, but I love my new job! I am thankful to have an amazingly wonderful loving husband who so graciously helps with getting the kids dressed and off to daycare in the mornings, some nights picking them up from daycare, never complains that I NEVER cook anymore, the house is ALWAYS a mess, he NEVER has clean socks, and that I just want to sleep when I get home. He SPOILS me rotten. I miss my kids, yell at my kids, rush my kids and can't wait for my kids to go to sleep all in the (maybe) 3 hours I get to spend with them. I sometimes fell like I am a horrible mother and wife. I really need to learn how to "do it all" again! Rylee and Baylee got a new swingset (thanks to grandma and papa Rod) and they honestly don't come in until 7 or 8 every night! I love that my kids love the outdoors. Baylee screams her head off when we bring her in at night! Rylee is working on her manners and is doing a mighty fine job. Now if only we could get her to work on her whinnyness! Baylee is a MoNStEr!! She is the happiest girl ever but she can throw a mean fit. She can find a grain of sand in my carpet and try to eat it. She is starting to take steps around the furniture and thinks she is pretty tricky! I am so thankful to have 2 amazing beautiful fun kids and an extremly wonderful husband! What would life be without them?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


8 Item Tag
Here are the rules:
1)Post the rules on your blog
2)Answer the six '8' items on the tag.
3)I tag: Tamie, Shayla, Amy, Charlsye, Tyla and who ever else would like to!!

Favorite TV Shows:
1. The Dr's
2. American Idol
3. John and Kate plus 8
4. What Not to Wear
6. Channel 3 News
7. XM Radio ( I guess I just listen to it)
8. CMT

Things I did Yesterday:
1. Took a shower
2. Played on the Computer
3. Did some laundry
4. Got the girls ready
5. Took Rylee to Tumbling lessons
6. Went to Wal-mart
7. Took Rylee to swimming Lessons
8. Went to dinner

Things To Which I'm Looking Forward:
1. Rylee's swim lessons to be over
2. Going to Texas
3. Watching my kids grow up
4. Getting a job
5. Camping ALOT this summer
6. The warm weather
7. Going shopping this weekend
8. Six Flags on Sunday

Favorite Restaurants:
1. Olive Garden
2. Chilis
3. Native New Yorker
4. Dairy Queen
5. Quiznos
6. AppleBees
7. Mimi's Cafe
8. Texas Roadhouse

Things on My Wish List:
1. Loose 10 more pounds
2. My family to be healthy and happy
3. Save some money
4. Be the best wife and mommy ever
5. Sell our house and buy a new one
6. To have a job with awesome benefits
7. Payoff some debt
8. Decide on a lifelong career

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The past Week!!

So my life lately has been nothing short of CrAZy!! My girls have been sick, Rylee is in swim lessons and tumbling, we are making weekend trips to the lake, I am trying to get ready for MY trip to Texas on Friday to meet up with Maria, job interviews like crazy, Rylee's really bad attitude, Baylee crying when I walk out of the room, changing Baylee's poopy diaper every two minutes all while trying to do the stay at home mom duties and trying to be a good wife and mom!

Monday 3/2--Baylee has been sick for 4 days now, pooping like crazy, not eating and really fussy so it's off to the Dr. we go. She has a virus....the end! Rylee starts swim lessons tonight. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out what to cook for dinner so we are not eating at 8PM!

Tuesday 3/3--Baylee is starting to get better....of course she would after I just paid a $25 co-pay, right? Rylee starts coughing a little, hopefully she's not getting sick too! Rylee has swim lessons again and I again need to figure out what to cook for dinner. I hate deciding what to cook. I am trying to do laundry so I can start packing for Roosevelt and clean my house! 4,000 diapers later, I hope Baylee is almost done pooping!

Wednesday 3/4--Baylee is feeling better except her nasty cough in the morning. Rylee on the other hand is getting worse. But I decide to still take her to tumbling lessons and swim lessons. During tumbling I get a phone call and have to step out for a phone interview. I have been waiting for this call and am so excited! After tumbling it's off to Dairy Queen with Jodi and her girls for our weekly lunch! I love having good friends!! Josh is supposed to be off the rest of the week due to them cutting his hours to 32 a week! So I really need to get in gear and pack our stuff for Roosevelt. After swimming lessons, its dinner time, bath time, story time, then bed time. We decide to hopefully get Rylee into the Dr. tomorrow morning before we leave so Josh decides to go in to work for a few hours. Good night...until tomorrow!

Thursday 3/5--1st things 1st.....call the Dr. Rylee can't stop coughing. They can't get her in until 3:00. Just when I thought I would get to Roosevelt to start off a long weekend, it gets delayed. Finish packing, doing laundry and cleaning house. Meanwhile I am on hold with NordicTrack because my treadmill is screwed up. 45 minutes later I am pissed off and hang up. Josh gets home and it's Dr. time for Rylee. Dr. "R" says she is getting the same virus as Baylee and it may turn into RSV. GREAT!! We decide to stock up on some meds and head for the lake anyway. Dr. Robertson will be down there this weekend too and said to call if we need anything! Thank goodness for good doctors! We head out of town around 4 and can't wait to get there. To sum it up my kids do not travel well and I am ready to blow a gasket! I love bed time!!

Friday 3/6--Rylee wakes up with a 102 fever. So I start her off on some motrin and rotate every 4 hours with Tylenol ALL DAY LONG! She took a few naps and would get some energy bursts to play. Grandma, Grandpa and Josh went out fishing in the morning and only caught 2 fish. Meanwhile I get another call for yet another phone interview. They finally set up a live interview for next Thursday. I really hope I get this job! We ate some lunch and I went with my mom and dad into globe to the casino. Lost $40 and it just depressed me. I needed the break though! Cook and eat dinner, play some cards, laugh my butt off at my drunk dad, Say hi to KC's kids, Shayla and Aunt Lisa, pray Rylee gets better and that Baylee will sleep good and off to bed I go! PS....Amy had her baby girl today...Congratulations and welcome to the world Paige!!

Saturday 3/7--Rylee wakes up in the middle of the night screaming that her ear hurts. Grandma gave her some tylenol and hope it isn't an ear infection. Grandma watched the girls while the "crew" went on a nice four-wheeler ride. We ate some lunch and the grandma's and grandpa's along with Josh went out fishing in the afternoon. I decide to take the offer from my Dr. and call him. I told him about Rylee's ear so he calls in a prescription to Fry's in Globe. I waited until they got back from fishing and drove in to globe and picked up a few things for dinner and Rylee's medicine. I got home and Baylee is screaming and won't stop. I changed her diaper and she had a horrible diaper rash. So I start putting desitin on it! We cooked some dinner, played cards again and said goodnight!!

Sunday 3/8--Baylee's diaper rash is beyond horrible. I thought she may be allergic to the desitin so I stopped putting it on. We ate some breakfast, cleaned the house and was on the road to home by 11:30! Again, not a fun ride home! We unpacked our clothes and I went into town to do some "me shopping. I got a few cute shirts and picked up Baylee some "Butt Paste"! Started the new diaper rash cream and lounged around until bed! BTW-Rylee is getting better and Baylee's diaper rash still is NOT!!

Monday 3/9--I started getting my suitcase packed for Texas today. I am so excited to go and hoping my kids will be better by then! I finish some laundry and hang out at home. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes while Baylee and Rylee were on my bed watching cartoons. All of a sudden I hear Baylee screaming like I have never heard before. I go in there and asked Rylee what happend and she tells me "I just bitted her toes." So I take Baylee's foot out of her fuzzy footed pajamas and there is teeth marks and skin ripped off of her toes. YEAH, why Rylee did this is still a mystery. So she got quit the punishment but I decided to still let her go to swimming lessons. Hoping she would keep her head out of the water because of her ear infection. Not so lucky on that idea!! Baylee's diaper rash is still really bad and I don't know why it's not getting better! Dinner time.....same ol routine...you get the point....Good night~

Tuesday 3/10--I ask myself why I grounded Rylee from cartoons? I think it may be more punishment for me then it is for her. She doesn't get to watch them very long but it gives me just enough time to get some stuff done. NOW---she is constantly on my side!! Thursday she can start watching them again! Rylee's attitude today is not so chipper. She got mad at me and slapped my leg so hard it left a handmark. I slapped her back! Baylee's butt still is not good, as a matter of fact it is so so horribly nasty! It's oozing and some parts are bleeding! I decide to call the doctor. They are going to see if they can get her in but will have to write the doctor a note. OK...so I just figured he would call in a RX....No! They call at 3:10 and want me to be there by 3:30. No can do....not only have I not showered, Rylee's not dressed and the diaper bag is not packed but I live in Linden which would take me longer than 20 minutes to get there. So they make it for 4:00. Rush, Rush, Rush!! The Dr. looked at her bum and said "interesting", Not something I wanted to hear. He doesn't know what it is and thinks it may be a Staph infection or herpes....yeah herpes! He put her on some meds incase it is a Staph infection and did a culture to see if it is herpes. We should get those results by Friday, While I am in Texas and my kids are NOT! Off to swim lessons and dinner and bath and bedtime!

This has been my week of doctors, swim lessons, laundry, laundry and more laundry, packing, unpacking, packing and late dinners. I pray for a better week next week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Pictures!

Baylee just started eating baby food and as you can tell....it's EVERYWHERE!! She is growing up to fast! Rylee is just loving being the big sister and is such a great helper. She too is growing too fast! Anyways...enjoy the new pics!!